PM Modi-Kashmir issue can be resolved by embracing them

The country marks 75 years of Quit India Movement and 100th anniversary of Champaran
15-AUG-2017 Comments ()

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PM Nawaz Sharif resigns after Panama Papers verdict

28-JUL-2017 | By Posted By : OnlineDesk

One of the judges, Ejaz Afzal Khan, said that Mr Sharif was no longer

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Ram Nath Kovind enters Raisina

20-JUL-2017 | By Posted By : LawyerIndia Bureau

In the final vote count, NDA nominee Kovind received 65.6 per cent votes

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Editor's Choice
More kids die at UP hospital
Adityanath said the deaths in his hometown were caused by filth and the scourge of open defecation.
More Than 900 bovines die at cow shelter Pathmeda Jalore
The Pathmeda Trust alone takes care of 50,000 cows in 10 cow shelter
Supreme Court - Tough To define Privacy
A vast majority of persons using social networking sites are unconcerned about the purpose for which their personal data is taken, analysed and used commercially
Delhi HC issues notice against Railways -Disabled misses MPhil test
Shukla approached the university and informed the authorities about his plight,
World Environment Day Celebrated In Rohini Court - Connecting People to Nature
WED calls for action from people of different sections of the society to do something for the environment

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US intelligence officials confirmed UAE role in hacking: Washington Post

17-JUL-2017 | By Posted By : LawyerIndia Bureau

Quoting unnamed US intelligence officials

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I-T dept to initiate probes to verify cash deposits of over Rs 5 lakh

22-FEB-2017 | By Posted By : Sanjay Arora

The IT department further decided to go easy on

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Trump hails talks as-success

09-JUL-2017 | By Posted By : OnlineDesk

The Paris accord sets targets for greenhouse gas emissions aimed at curbing global temperature increases.

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1496938659_Arun Mitra March 2017.JPG

Inviting PraveenTogadia to IMA rally at Delhi condemned

As citizens of the country and members of IMA we have every reason to know why he was invited

1462797645_Lawyer_ India_ _CIA-torture-620x340.jpg

Science Shows That Torture Doesn’t Work and is Counterproductive

The stress and disorientation induced by these methods, it was believed, would force them to cooperate and release whatever precious information they were hiding. But according to Carle, this theory is wrong.


Three ways law firms lose a lot of money

One huge area of inefficiency among small- to mid-sized law firms is their failure to make use of the wide range of powerful practice

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Exclusive Interviews

the barJustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg interview

18 Feb 2015 | By Kamna Sharma

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, first aired during “The Rachel Maddow Show” at 9 p.m

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Gujarat HC dismisses Essar Steel petition in insolvency case

18-JUL-2017 | By Posted By :LawyerIndia Bureau

The adjudicating authority certainly requires to extend hearing and reasonable opportunity to the company

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PM Modi warning Three lakh firms under scanner after note ban

01-JUL-2017 | By Posted By :LawyerIndia Bureau

GST launch event saw speeches from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

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Lawyers Family Rohini Court Celebrated Samvidhan Diwas

29-NOV-2016 | By Posted By : Sharad

Previously this day was celebrated as legal day

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Union Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma

Mahesh Sharma in Ayodhya Katiyar- Ramayana Museum a ‘Lollipop’

19-OCT-2016 | By LawyerIndia Bureau

BSP chief Mayawati criticised both the central and the state governments

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Bus crash in northern India kills at least 16 pilgrims

16-JUL-2017 | By Posted By : OnlineDesk

Sixteen people are now confirmed dead

the barawyers Burning Report

Lawyers Gathered Out Side Rohini Court Delhi And Burned Law Commission`s Report

21-APR-2017 | By LawyerIndia Bureau:

We are Denying The Report Completely Lawyers Voice can’t be Undermine By Such Report

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