Lawyers Gathered Out Side Rohini Court Delhi And Burned Law Commission`s Report

awyers Burning Report
We are Denying The Report Completely Lawyers Voice can’t be Undermine By Such Report


LawyerIndia Bureau:

New Delhi 21 April 2017 : Large number of lawyers gathered out side rohini court complex and burned the law commission 266 report At 1. 30 PM Lawyers United Front President Rajiv Agnihotri Sent Email To President Shri Pranab Mukherjee , Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi And Lt Governor Of NCT Delhi Shri Anil Baijal Where By He Questioned And Has Expressed His Doubt For The Said Report “I Would Like To Draw Yours Attention  And Request  You To Have Independent Body Constituted Under Ministry Of Law Looking Into Details of  Report of  Law Commission Of India Report No.266 The Advocates Act, 1961 (Regulation of Legal Profession) As The said Reports Integrity Is Doubtful Only 136 Responses Received And Out Of The Said Response 79 Are From Judges , The said Report  Influenced from Judicial Standards And Accountability Bill Of Dec  2010 And Passed In March 2012 Lok Sabha”

Rajiv Agnihotri Preident Lawyers United Front “ We are Denying The Report Completely Lawyers Voice can’t be Undermine By Such Report”

 As Far As Strike is Concerned  Lawyers are never willing for strike Govt Must Address The problem and It Must Bring Lawyers Protection Bill Its Commonly Seen In Courts And Out Side Lawyers Are Murdered They have No Insurance No Police Protection and Not Even Any Compensation For Bereaved Families Litigants Never Pays Yours Fee In Time and when You Get its in Bits and Pieces And Lastly Who Fights For Others Rights Their Rights Are Never Addressed , Govt Must Bring Ordinance That Lawyers If Attacked Its Must Become Non Bailable Offense  Following Are The Things Once Addressed will Certainly Bring In Confidence In Our profession Few Things Need To Be Addressed On Urgent Basis

1 Lawyers protection Bill Be Introduced And Brought In Shape

2 National Lawyers Academy  

3 Stipend For  Young Lawyers

4. During  Murder Of Lawyer Cash Compensation Of 5 Crores and Job To Next Of Kin

5.Medical Benefits For Lawyers and His Family

6. Pension Scheme For Lawyers

7.Quota For Reservation In Railways

8. Contingency Welfare Fund For Lawyers ,State And Centre Must Contribute  Towards The Fund

9. Lawyers Id Card Be Declared As Valid Id Proof For All Purposes



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