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Create custom tests from over 1000 questions, track your progress, and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Create group tests to ensure your medical students are on track. Network with other medical students.

Become part of an exclusive community of medical students from around the world. All physician identities have been validated to create a secure professional network. It’s a great way to stay connected with fellow doctors-in-training.

Consult Your Peers

Post clinical cases, questions, and polls to our community of medical students, residents, and attendings. Create your own case log to access cases remotely and share them with others.

Create & Join Groups

Create groups for small meeting and study groups. Members can upload presentations, cases, and articles and share them with group members. Our STEP Study Groups will make sure you are prepared for your boards.

Protect Your Privacy

Medbullets is owned by physicians and we understand the importance of privacy. Your personal information and email will be protected and not distributed for any marketing purposes, and you may remain anonymous on our social network.

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